Bauer Vapor 1X Junior Hockey Elbow Pads

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Made as a 3-piece construction the Vapor 1X elbow pads provide exactly what they were designed to do, ultimate mobility. With a tapered fit and innovative material, the 1X is the top tier model of elbow pads in the latest Vapor line. Like the shoulder pads and shin guards of the same name, the Vapor 1X elbow pads will feature Curv Composite and AEROLITE technology to improve the overall protection provided in key impact zones while still maintaining an ultra-light weight.

Molded AEROLITE foam composes the top portion of the elbow pad in the bicep guard. For those who don't know, AEROLITE is a high grade foam with extremely lightweight properties that offers pro level impact protection. Moving down to the forearm guard, both AEROLITE and Curv Composite working with high density foams wrap around for next level protection in the most commonly slashed forearm.

The injected cap of the 1X is covered in molded mid density foam ensuring the safety of both the wearer and opponents. The cap also utilizes free flex cap construction for a low profile and comfortable elbow pad. To add to the comfort 37.5 technology lines the inside with an all new Transfer Mesh. This breathable fabric enhances the 37.5 technology liner found on the inside to maximize air flow through the equipment in key heating zones. This will keep the shoulder pad lightweight and moisture free.

To hold it all in place a 3-strap system along with a solid anchor strap securely attach this very sleek looking elbow pad to your arm.

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