CCM Jetspeed FT390 Junior Ice Hockey Skates

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Introducing the JetSpeed FT390 skate. CCM's flagship two-piece skate design and second tiered model in the JetSpeed family (just underneath the FT1's). FT390 is composed and engineered with premium composite materials using a 3D-lasted process to create an extremely comfortable out-of-the-box fit with high definition heel lock and proper forefoot wrap. These will feature a tapered fit to provide players with a close fit around the foot. With CCM's highest quality materials and super heat-moldable properties, the FT390's provide an extremely responsive and personalized fit that was designed to for maximized speed.

The biggest feature that is going to differentiate this skate from the FT1's will be the 2-piece build constructed with RocketFrame technology ; a super stiff 3D-lasted carbon composite boot frame that sits atop a lightweight extra stiff carbon composite outsole. This is important because as it is more of a traditional style design, the JetSpeed FT390 stiff boot and outsole maximize energy output, easily making it a pro level skate. The shared similarity with the FT1 and FT390 will be the SpeedCore 3. This is a super lightweight and rigid core that boasts incredible heat molding characteristics to generate performance and an amazing fit.

These FT390's aren't all too different than the FT1's when it comes to other high quality features. All the bells and whistles are included like TotalDri Pro Liner, a lightweight premium material that wicks away moisture very quickly keeping skates and feet dry and light. For durability purposes, abrasion patches were added to the liner where the eyelets are found and CCM's smooth contour pro soft comfort padding is found around the collar of the skate for superior foot and ankle comfort.

 Moving to the tongue, CCM used their TriTech Tongue a nice thick high density felt tongue that was designed to offer up a pro level of protection and comfort. This will have a 3-layer construction with high density foams injected to sit atop the foot; these foams are also heat moldable like the boot to offer up a better and more comfortable fitting tongue around the foot and high ankle. Furthermore, the TriTech tongue features an integrated lace bite protection to prevent any discomfort.

 Finally, securely mounted to the outsole, we are going to see the SpeedBlade 4.0 holder which provides an additional four millimeters of height and allows for a greater angle of attack and more aggressive turns. Finishing off the aesthetics of the skate and mounted to the holder is the reflective and polished high quality steel that is referred to as the SpeedBlade Hyperglide runner. While the 10 foot radius enhances speed, the quality and hard finish reduces friction and drag for advanced performance and glide efficiency. Get ready for liftoff with CCM's JetSpeed FT390 skates today!

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