Sher-Wood BPM150 Grip Junior Hockey Stick

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The BPM line gives you a combination of balance, power and mobility together in one stick. Rather than focusing on one specific aspect of the game, the BPM series is designed to enhance your skills in all areas of the game. Whether you're digging the puck out of the corner, making a crisp breakout pass, or being clutch in the slot at the game-breaking moment, this is the stick that will help your team take home the 'W'.

By shifting the balance point up the stick, BPM offers a unique weight distribution and generates quicker stick rotation speed. Since the balance point is higher, the counter-weight provides more torque and power in order to release harder, faster shots. The blend of lightweight design and superior balance gives you an extremely mobile stick with amazing feel for ultimate control.

Power Pivot Technology:

The optimized BALANCE point on the BPM Series allows you to increase your stick rotation speed for quicker release with faster shots. The counter-weight will generate more torque and POWER to release harder shots. The BPM construction creates a blade-lite feel which improves MOBILITY and responsiveness.

Graphene Infused:

Graphene is a nano-material, about 200 times stronger than steel. With its unique combination of strength, light weight, and flexibility, graphene is perfect for a hockey stick. The graphene helps your stick respond better, and supports it against impact in key areas.

Sher-Wood Authentic

As the counterfeit stick market grows, Sher-Wood is the first hockey company to release security features to protect consumers and ensure authenticity.

Other Features:
  • Kick: Midkick
  • Length: 48-52in.
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