Sher-Wood Rekker EK60 Grip Junior Hockey Stick

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Sherwood was inspired and motivated to bring the hockey market one of the lightest, most responsive, and reliable sticks the industry has ever seen. At a mind blowing 385 grams, the Sherwood Rekker EK60 is just that. But, Sher-Wood didn't just stop there; they made improvements in shaft durability with the "miracle material" graphene to round out a high performing low-kick stick for quick releasing shots.

Graphene is described to be a material of the future to make promising innovations in flexible electronics, aerospace engineering, and of course top level sports. Graphene itself is a nano material about 200 times stronger than steel but is a thousand times thinner than a human hair! Sherwood used this material in the EK60's lower third, 24" in what is the most commonly slashed area of a hockey stick, to enable the EK60 to hold up to hacks and slashes with ease.

EKORE technology is the name of the manufacturing process used to produce Sherwood's latest and greatest. This entirely handcrafted method takes eight times longer to produce than your average mechanical process. Using 100% high strength carbon fiber and a manual layup results in the EK60's incredibly light weight while increasing its durability. It is made as a one-piece stick with a spear construction. This just means that the shaft runs all the way through the heel of the blade. The benefit of this type of construction is the type of feel it will provide. With the shaft in constant contact with the ice and puck, it allows for a better puck feel.

Sher-Wood's Pro Shaft geometry is perfect for the dangler who needs to react quickly. Its double concave walls and rounded corners offer a smaller fit than twigs with a traditional shaft geometry. Also built with a low taper, the EK60's super low-kick point makes those in-close snappers possible in critical situations. The senior model comes in grip and matted non-grip finishes for your preference.

Sher-Wood has also redesigned and upgraded its blade technology, resulting in the VRF.2 blade. VRF stands for Vibration Reduction Foam core. Internally, high performance polyurethane foam is used for the core. This foam is used to dramatically increase the durability and prevent any early breakage. A carbon fiber stabilizer has been placed to add stiffness and to reduce the blade from twisting or torqueing for accurate shooting and puck control. This is all wrapped in layers of lightweight carbon fiber giving an incredibly balanced stick.

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