Warrior Swagger WDY Junior Goalie Stick

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The Swagger WDY represents Warrior's classic solid wood core stick and features some of the higher end technology trickling down to make it even more durable than ever.

Warrior has taken the all-new wood handle concept featured on the older Swagger ST and applied it to the Swagger WDY. The front shooter-facing side is made of ACV (Aircraft Veneer), a material incredibly strong and resistant to impact while the backside uses Aspen wood, known for its ideal flex and vibration absorption capabilities. Gone are the days of poly tape on the handles from delamination of the fiberglass!

Like the Swagger Wood and Woodrow of days past, the core of the paddle and blade is constructed of a glass-laminated birch core shaft and paddle for the very best in impact strength and stability. This stick features a thin paddle profile to reduce additional weight.

For the goalie looking for a traditional feeling solid wood core stick with a hint of technology, there is no better choice than the Warrior Swagger WDY.

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