Intermediate Composite Hockey Sticks

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Learn About Intermediate Hockey Sticks

Intermediate composite hockey sticks, ideal for players aged 11 to 14 transitioning from junior to senior levels, combine the lightweight strength of senior sticks with dimensions and flex ratings tailored for younger players. These sticks offer a balance of ease of use and power in shots. Made from durable materials like carbon fiber, they ensure a consistent playing experience and are designed with size and curve patterns that enhance control and handling for intermediate players.

How to Choose an Intermediate Hockey Stick

Choosing the correct intermediate composite hockey stick is key to a young player’s development and performance. Important considerations include a flex rating that matches the player’s strength and shooting style, a stick length proportional to their height for better control, and a blade curve and lie that suit their position and playing style, impacting puck handling and shot accuracy.

Intermediate Hockey Stick Flex Chart

Intermediate Hockey Stick Flex Chart
Age GroupHeightWeightStick Flex
Tyke (3 - 5)3'0" - 3'10"30 - 65 lbs.20 - 25 flex
Youth (5 - 8)3'6" - 4'8"40 - 80 lbs.30 - 40 flex
Junior (7 - 12)4'4" - 5'1"70 - 110 lbs.40 - 52 flex
Intermediate (11 - 14)4'11" - 5'8"95 - 140 lbs.55 - 70 flex
Senior (14+)5'7" - 6'1"+150 - 210+ lbs.75 - 100+ flex

Intermediate Hockey Stick FAQs

Are there specific intermediate stick designs for different types of shots?

Yes, different stick designs cater to different types of shots. Sticks with a low kick point are optimized for quick shots like wrist and snap shots. Those with a high kick point are better suited for powerful shots like slap shots. Players should select a stick based on their most commonly used shot types.

How to determine the right flex for an intermediate composite stick?

The ideal flex for an intermediate stick depends on the player’s weight and shooting style. A rough guideline is choosing a flex close to half the player’s body weight, adjusted for personal preference and style.

Are intermediate sticks suitable for all positions?

Yes, intermediate composite sticks are versatile and suitable for all positions. The key is to select the appropriate blade curve and lie to match the specific demands of the player’s position.

How does stick length affect performance in intermediate players?

Stick length is crucial for control and puck handling. A stick that is too long or too short can hinder a player's ability to execute skills effectively. It should generally reach up to the player’s chin or nose when wearing skates.

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