Bâtons de hockey en bois

Learn about Wood Hockey Sticks

Wood hockey sticks, known for their affordability and natural flex, provide a classic feel that appeals to players of all ages. Available in various sizes, they are celebrated for their durability and quality materials, typically crafted from maple or ash. These sticks offer a responsive feel to the puck, crucial for control and accuracy in shooting, and cater to players who prefer a traditional approach to the game. Their cost-effectiveness also makes them an attractive option for beginners and recreational players.

How to Choose a Wood Hockey Stick

When selecting a wood hockey stick, consider the stick’s weight, balance, and flex, which vary based on the type of wood and construction. General sizing recommendations suggest choosing a stick that reaches up to the player's chin while on skates. 

Wood Hockey Stick Length Chart

Hockey Stick Flex Chart
Age GroupHeightStick Length
Youth (3 - 5)3'0" - 3'10"38" - 44"
Youth (6 - 8)3'10" - 4'8"45" - 49"
Junior (7 - 13)4'4" - 5'1"50" - 54"
Intermediate (11 - 14)4'11" - 5'4"55" - 58"
Intermediate (12 - 14)5'2" - 5'8"55" - 58"
Senior (14+)5'5" - 5'10"57" - 61"
Senior (14+)5'7" - 6'1"58 - 62"
Senior (14+)5'10" - 6'4"60" - 63"
Senior (14+)6'1"+60" - 63"

Wood Hockey Sticks FAQs

What are the advantages of using wood hockey sticks?

Wood hockey sticks stand out for their affordability and traditional feel. They provide a natural flex, enhancing shooting and puck handling. Some players prefer wood sticks for their responsive feedback and control capabilities.

Are wood sticks suitable for younger players?

Absolutely. Wood sticks are great for young players due to their balance of affordability and performance. They offer a practical choice for beginners, helping them develop their skills and strength.

How does the durability of wood sticks compare to composite sticks?

While wood sticks are known for their robustness, they can be less durable than composite materials, especially in high-level play. However, many players find that with proper care, wood sticks can have a satisfactory lifespan.

Can wood hockey sticks be customized?

Yes, wood sticks offer customization through grip tape, wax, or other accessories. Players enjoy the ability to personalize their sticks, enhancing both the look and the feel according to their preferences.

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