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Learn about Hockey Gloves

Hockey gloves are an essential part of a player’s gear, designed to offer both protection and flexibility during play. These gloves are made from a combination of durable materials like leather and nylon, with padding for protection and comfort. They come in various sizes and designs to suit different age groups and playing styles. 

How to Choose Hockey Gloves

Selecting the right pair of hockey gloves is crucial for performance and protection. Consider the level of play, hand size, and personal preference in terms of flexibility and protection. Gloves should fit snugly but allow for full range of motion. The right pair enhances grip and control while ensuring adequate protection for the hands and wrists. Other features to consider include the range of motion, palm material, and overall fit and comfort.

Hockey Gloves Size Chart

Hockey Gloves Size Chart
Glove SizeAgePlayer WeightPlayer Height
8"4 - 740 - 60 lbs.3'3" - 4'1"
9"6 - 950 - 70 lbs.3'9" - 4'7"
10"8 - 1160 - 90 lbs.4'3" - 4'8"
11"9 - 1270 - 100 lbs.4'5" - 5'
12"11 - 1480 - 110 lbs.4'11" - 5'4"
13"14+120 - 160 lbs.5'5" - 5'9"
14"14+140 - 180 lbs.5'7" - 5'11"
15"15+160 - 200 lbs.5'9" - 6'1"

Hockey Gloves FAQs

How should hockey gloves fit?

Hockey gloves should fit snugly without restricting movement. Fingers should reach the glove’s tips without pressing against them, and there should be no excessive space in the palm area.

Can you repair hockey gloves?

Yes, hockey gloves can be repaired for minor damage, especially for issues like torn palms or loose stitching. Regular maintenance can extend their lifespan.

How do you break in new hockey gloves?

New hockey gloves can be broken in by using them in practice sessions. Some players also use methods like steaming or working the material by hand.

How long do hockey gloves typically last?

Hockey gloves’ lifespan varies based on usage and quality. With regular use, they can last anywhere from one to several seasons.

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