Bauer Vapor Roller Hockey Skates

Vapor Hyperlite 2 Roller Hockey Skates

25 years of cutting-edge innovations have led Bauer to create their most advanced Vapor roller hockey skate. The Hyperlite 2 Roller Hockey Skate is built with Bauer's lightest materials for pro-level and pro-aspiring players looking for quickness and agility.

Vapor X4 Roller Hockey Skates

The Bauer Vapor X4 Roller Hockey Skate was designed for competitive players looking to take that next step in their game. Featuring lightweight materials and performance-level tech, the X4 Roller Hockey Skate is perfect for continuing to improve in-game ability while gaining an extra edge against opponents.

Vapor X3 Roller Hockey Skates

Take your roller hockey game up a notch with the Bauer Vapor X3 Roller Hockey Skate. With 25 years of innovation, this skate was designed with flexibility in the boot to make it beginner-friendly and added stiffness for a more powerful stride.

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