Junior Ice Hockey Skates

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Learn About Junior Ice Hockey Skates

Junior ice hockey skates are specialized for young players aged 7 to 13 years, corresponding to US shoe sizes 2 to 6.5. These skates are designed to provide a balance of comfort, support, and performance, tailored to the needs of growing athletes. Key features often include thermoformable materials for a custom fit, lightweight construction for agility, and durable blades for sustained use.

How to Choose Junior Ice Hockey Skates

Choosing the right junior ice hockey skates involves considering the player’s skill level, foot size, and playing style. It’s essential to ensure the skates fit snugly without being too tight, offering ample support and stability. For growing players, durability and adjustability are also key factors.

Junior Hockey Skates Size Chart

Junior Hockey Skates Size Chart
Skate SizeUS Boy's Shoe SizeEUR Boy's Shoe SizeUS Girl's Shoe Size
Actual Shoe Size as determined by a Brannock Shoe Sizing Device. Sizing will vary by manufacturer.

Referencing a sizing chart is a good starting point if you aren't sure what size you are in a particular brand.

Note: If you’re sizing for a child, it’s common to get a larger pair of skates for them to grow into. However, if you plan on going larger, it’s recommended you only go a half size bigger for that extra room – going any bigger will be very uncomfortable and can cause blistering and a premature breakdown of the skate boot.

Junior Ice Hockey Skates FAQs

What are the benefits of high-quality junior hockey skates?

High-quality junior hockey skates can enhance performance, including better agility, speed, and control. They often feature advanced materials and design elements, such as reinforced ankle support and high-quality blades.

How can I tell if my child has outgrown their junior hockey skates?

Signs your child has outgrown their skates include toes touching the front of the skates, discomfort or pain while skating, and less effective control on the ice. It’s important to regularly check the fit, as children’s feet can grow quickly.

Is it better to buy larger junior skates to accommodate growth?

While it can be tempting to buy larger skates for growing children, it’s not recommended. Skates that are too big can hinder skating ability, cause discomfort, and increase the risk of injury. Choose skates that fit well now, with only a little room for growth.

How do I maintain junior hockey skates?

Maintaining junior hockey skates involves regular cleaning, drying, and blade sharpening. Ensure the skates are dried after each use to prevent rust and damage. Regularly check for wear and tear, especially on the blades and laces, and replace them as needed.

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