Hockey Shoulder Pads, Shin Guards & Elbow Pads

Shoulder Pads, Shinguards & Elbow Pads

The hard surfaces of the ice, pucks flying at high speeds of 100 m.p.h. at times, and hockey players maneuvering and often intentionally colliding, a.k.a. “checking”. These can pose safety hazards in the game of hockey. Hockey players need to be equipped with safety equipment to lessen the risk of serious injury. Three of the main components included in protective hockey equipment are the shoulder pads, shinguards and elbow pads. Hockey monkey stocks the protective gear you need by the best manufactures in the world like CCM, REEBOK, BAUER, EASTON, MISSION, ITECH, WARRIOR, GRAF, FARRELL, and SHERWOOD.

Hockey monkey is proud to feature CCM protective equipment and the CCM Vector is a top seller in protective. The CCM Vector V10 is built from the inside out (B.I.O. System), the Vector V10 Shoulder Pad features an overlapping stretch zone construction; innovation that improves a player's range of motion. The Vector 10 Shoulder Pad is streamlined and lightweight; perfect for the new rules of hockey and the increase speed of play. The CCM Vector V10 Sr. Shin Guards with the innovative floating knee bed works in conjunction with a reconfigured strapping system and overlapping stretch zones to allow for maximum stride length. The CCM Vector V10 Sr. Elbow Pads with the three-piece Elbow Pad combines an innovative anchor strap, overlapping stretch zones and asymmetrically molded caps for a superior hold and a revolutionary fit.

KINETIC FIT - The 2009 Reebok protective equipment line now incorporates Kinetic Fit System (KFS) technology. The idea is that in order to maintain the highest level of performance, comfort and protection, the equipment needs to move with the player. Considerable effort was put into studying the movement of the body to ensure that Reebok products not only protect the player but also enhance the player's performance. JDP® Caps - The Joint Discharge Principle (JDP®) uses the principle that the cap should disperse impact away from the fragile joint and into the big surrounding muscles. This concept is applied to protect the shoulder, elbow, knees and hips and is one of the reasons more NHL† players wear Reebok-designed protective equipment than any other brand.

Hockey monkey is proud to offer Reebok 10K Kinetic Fit Sr. Shoulder Pads, Reebok 10K Kinetic Fit Sr. Shin Guards and Reebok 10K Kinetic Fit Sr. Elbow Pads. Also available to purchase in the convenient Reebok 10K Kinetic Fit Hockey Equipment Combo for under $300.

The Bauer product line includes the Nike Bauer Pro Defender. Previously available only to pros, the Nike Bauer Pro Defender shoulder pads feature the comfort of a classic lace-up pad enhanced by today's updated protective technology. Choose which of the included shoulder caps to wear with the pad - The classic style pre-formed round cap, or the modern wraparound anatomical caps. The Nike Bauer Pro Defender Sr. Shin Guards and the Nike Bauer Pro Defender Hockey Elbow Pad are also available individually or in the Nike Bauer Pro Defender Sr. Equipment Combo available at hockeymonkey now at a clearance price of under $160.

Easton Protective equipment is designed to maximize protection in areas of high impact, while maintaining optimal mobility. Eastons Protective equipment is modeled after the natural shape and movement of the body during game time conditions so you can feel confident in your performance and protection. Get your Easton Stealth S17 Hockey Shoulder Pad and Easton Stealth S17 Sr. Hockey Elbow Pads at hockey also available in a combo package for just $225 for all three pieces.

Hockeymonkey is proud to offer the Limited Edition GR8-OVI Signature Series product line by CCM. Alexander Ovechkin’s exclusive equipment line by CCM was inspired and influences by Ovechkin. He was there with input from the first design boards and involved with the design process throughout. Everything from style, color and caliber of quality were inspired by and stamped with his seal of approval. The Ovechkin logo is on every piece of this Limited Edition Signature Series product line.

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