GripSkinz Glove Grip Repair - Mini

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Sure-Grip is the latest palm material on the market, to help all hockey players and goalies get a better grip on their sticks. It’s a special palm material for hockey gloves (player and goalie) that gives everyone a better grip on their sticks. The only way to apply it is to have it sewn on to your gloves palms….UNTIL NOW!

Chameleon Sports is proud to announce the launch of our newest product, GRIPSKINZ! Gripskinz are sheets of the same Sure-Grip palm material that is available for player gloves and goalie blocker palms but with an adhesive backing. Getting a better grip on your stick is now as easy as cutting the shape you need, peeling the backing off and sticking it your glove just like a sticker! No more need for long wait times or shipping expenses while you wait for your glove palms to be fitted with Sure-Grip. Do it yourself in a matter of minutes with GripSkinz. GripSkinz are also not permanent and completely removable!

As always with Chameleon Sports, quality is #1. They would never release anything until it has gone through our elaborate research and development and quality control testing at various levels of play, including the pros. They have done exhaustive R&D on this product for close to 1 YEAR! This is critical to Chameleon Sports so that they know it works as it should before its release for sale. You won’t find that kind of quality control or dedication to the best quality anywhere else. When you purchase Chameleon Sports products, you know you’re getting the best quality products that are pre-tested at pro levels for many months to ensure premium quality.

  • Designed with Sure-Grip for better control
  • Adhesive backing for easy application
  • Not permanent and completely removable
  • Gets a better grip on your stick
  • Covers one entire adult palm
  • One Gripskinz sheet
  • Size: 9in. x 7.5in.
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