PantSkinz Pant Repair - Mini

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Ever get a skate cut on your hockey pants? Have dirty white nylon on the inside of your pads? Or just want to add color to your pants, gloves or the outside of your goalie pads? Well, Pantskinz is the solution!

After almost a full year of researching and developing at different hockey levels including at the professional division, Chameleon Sports is proud to announce the launch of their newest product, Pantskinz! PantSkinz are made with the same 420 denier nylon that is used on hockey pants, gloves, and goalie equipment with an adhesive backing that makes it the thinnest, lightest and stickiest adhesive based nylon product on the market today. The adhesive backing allows for quick repairs and/or color changes to any nylon material without sewing or the need of high heat patches. Pantskinz repairs are as easy as cutting the shape you need, peeling the backing off and sticking it on your equipment like a sticker. So, no more waiting for days or weeks while spending extra money on shipping expenses for repairs on your hockey equipment. Just do it yourself in a matter of minutes and if you are not satisfied with your repair then just redo it because PantSkinz are completely removable.

As always with Chameleon Sports, quality is #1. They would never release anything until it has gone through our elaborate research and development and quality control testing at various levels of play, including the pros. They have done exhaustive R&;D on this product for close to 1 YEAR! This is critical to Chameleon Sports so that they know it works as it should before its release for sale. You won't find that kind of quality control or dedication to the best quality anywhere else. When you purchase Chameleon Sports products, you know you're getting the best quality products that are pre-tested at pro levels for many months to ensure premium quality.

  • Designed with 420 Denier nylon material that is featherweight and thin
  • Strong adhesive backing for easy application
  • Use to change nylon colors or fix rips without sewing or using high heat patches
  • Made in 14 different colors that can be used on any nylon equipment
  • Not permanent and completely removable
  • One Pantskinz sheet
  • Size: 13in. x 7.5in.
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