Skaboots Skate Guards

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Skaboots are a whole new way of thinking about getting around in ice skates. A revolutionary product designed to allow skaters of all ages to safely and easily get to the ice. Skaboots are made solely for your skates, and literally allow you to let your blades do the walking!

  • Make it possible to break in skates off the ice, or for beginners to become better-acclimated to being on skates while away from the rink
  • Made of the same rubber material that a hiking boot sole is made of to provide great traction but won√Üt mark up floors
  • Skaboots are perfect for the backyard rink or pond. Put skates on in the house and then head outside
  • Combining the functions of skate blade protectors and walking boots
  • Designed to allow skaters of all ages to safely and easily get to the ice
  • Kaboots are perfect for children or beginner skaters
  • Unlike typical skate blade protectors, Skaboots will not damage rugs, wood or tile floors
  • Boot-like soles provide amazing walking stability with excellent traction and mobility
  • No more tying laces outside in the cold
  • Straps snugly around your skate
  • Sold in pairs
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